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Services Available

I work with individuals, families, and groups.  During your initial consultation, we will determine what type of therapy will meet your needs best.

Group therapy:

I provide therapeutic groups for individuals experiencing the loss of a loved one. The types of groups offered will vary, depending on clients' needs, however, some groups will address the following challenges:

  • The recent death of a loved one such as a parent, partner or child
  • The death of a parent during the client's childhood/young adulthood
  • Different types of 'ambiguous loss' such as the loss of a family member to Alzheimer's, stroke/heart disease or other debilitating diseases, loss of a loved one to alcohol/drug addiction, loss of a loved one to mental illness, loss associated with adoption as well as loss associated with the long term incarceration of a loved one
  • Loss of one's sense of self due to serious life changing injury and/or disease such as cancer, stroke, heart disease.