About Therapy

I invite you to explore what therapy has to offer.

I believe all who decide to pursue therapy will benefit from the experience in many ways.  First and foremost, the chance to share your stories and associated thoughts and feelings is a gift and a treat.  The opportunity to be listened to, respected, and encouraged is worth more than gold.

The process begins with developing an appreciation of your past.

We will remain present-focused during therapy sessions since we cannot change what has already occurred.  Together, we can learn from your past experiences and create new understandings of those experiences.

My training is in family therapy. 

I am interested in assisting you with taking stock of all that you learned and were exposed to while growing up, and more importantly, to consider how your family's 'system' continues to inform who you are and how you are as an individual and in relationships with others in your present day life.

There are many paths and directions to take; each one offers something valuable.  I hope you will allow me to join you on your unique and important journey.

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