How does one learn to live with loss...?

Loss is not just about the death of a loved one. It arises in our lives in many contexts. I work with people who are healing and recovering from a recent break up with an intimate partner; who have lost a job; who have never known one or both of their parents; who continue to heal and recover from the divorce of their parents; or who are caring for a relative with a debilitating disease. I also work with people whose parents died early on in their life and they still feel challenged by that.  

I provide my clients with a non-judgmental place where they can express their feelings of pain and sadness.

About Me

My own life and work are influenced and informed by multiple types of loss and death that I experienced in childhood. While I was in training to become a psychotherapist, I had the opportunity to examine and explore the significance and impact of grief and loss throughout a person’s life. In my work as a therapist, I have placed an emphasis on what is called ‘ambiguous loss.' 

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About Therapy

I believe all who decide to pursue therapy will benefit from the experience in many ways. The opportunity to be listened to, respected, and encouraged is worth more than gold.

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Services Available

I enjoy working with individuals who seek to explore the many facets of their lives that may contribute to their distress and at the same may present opportunities for improved emotional health.  I believe all humans possess resilience and the capacity to change, grow and thrive.

I have experience helping children and adults address feelings and thoughts associated with grief and loss.   The types of grief and loss I help clients with include:

  • the recent death of a loved one such as a parent, partner or child
  • the death of a parent during the client's childhood/young adulthood
  • different type of 'ambiguous loss' such as the 'loss' of a family member to Alzheimer's disease, stroke/heart disease or other debilitating diseases/illnesses, alcohol/drug addiction, mental illness, losses associated with adoption or loss associated with the long term incarceration of a loved one
  • loss one's sense of self due to serious life changing injury and/or disease such as cancer, stroke, heart disease, HIV


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